Having people over for a simple activity like watching a movie does not take much preparation. You might already have the movie that you are going to put on, and then all you have to do is take care of snacks. But, hosting something like a craft party in your home will naturally be a lot more complicated. It depends on the crafts that you intend on making, but more likely than not, things will get messy. The most vulnerable part of your home during the party is the carpet, so that it what needs the most protection. Knowing what to do before and after the craft party will help you keep it from taking lasting damage.

Get Plastic Mats to Put Under Craft Areas

The first step you will want to take in protecting the carpet is to focus on the craft areas. It is a good idea to know exactly how many people are coming along and how many tables you will need for working. Card tables are lightweight and easy to transport, so you can use them as your guideline for size. Stock up on plastic mats that you can place underneath these tables for the entire party. This layer of protection will keep most craft supplies from touching the carpet, which is especially crucial for paint and glue.

Make Carpet Stain Removers

With lots of people all working on crafts at the same time, mistakes are likely to happen. Maybe someone is not careful enough when grabbing a piece of paper and ends up getting cut. Having a salt paste mixture and diluted solution of just 1 teaspoon detergent and 8 ounces of water can help clean up blood from paper cuts. Distilled white vinegar on its own should help with removing adhesive. It is smart to consider what you will be working on that could stain the carpet and then make cleaners for it beforehand.

Prioritize Service the Day After

After everything is said and done, you could have a filthy carpet or one that is fairly clean. To be on the safe side, you should get professional cleaning the day after the party to avoid long-term problems. If any sharp objects or small items that babies or pets could get into their mouth happened to fall on the floor, a thorough cleaning will make sure everything is picked up and taken out of harm's way.

Incorporating these methods will help you have a fun and stress-free crafting party while also being able to feel confident in your ability to keep the carpet clean after the event is over.