If you recently purchased a pressure washer to use around your home to keep it clean, it is vital that you understand how to safety operate your pressure washer. Here are a few tips that will help keep you safe when using a pressure washer.

#1 Always Protect Your Eyes & Ears

Pressure washers are serious pieces of equipment that exert water at a high level of force, which can dislodge items. For example, if you are spraying your home with your pressure washer, the force of the water can cause loose paint to come off your home at high speeds. In order to protect yourself from any debris that your pressure washer could dislodge, you need to wear eye protection. Ideally, you should wear eye protection that seals against your face and prevents debris from getting in at any angle.

Pressure washers are also really loud; they have large motors that are working hard to do the job that you are tasking it with. Make sure that you protect your ears against this very loud noise by wearing either earplugs or noise canceling headphones as you work with your pressure washer.

#2 Cover Up Your Body

When you use your pressure washer, you should wear long sleeves, pants, enclosed shoes and gloves. You don't want anything that the pressure washer dislodges to hit and harm you as you work. Additionally, it can really sting if for some reason you lose control of your pressure washer and get hit with the water from it. It is best to cover up your entire body when using a pressure washer.

#3 Assess Your Work Area

Before you get to work, make sure that you asses your work area. Put away any

#4 Put Away Pets

If you have pets, you don't want them to accidentally run in front of the spray from your pressure washer; the force can be so great, it could injure or harm them. It is best to put your pets inside, in the garage, or tie them up while you use your pressure washer.

#5 Be Aware Of The Wind

Make sure that you check out the wind directions before you start washing. If there are severe winds, you may want to hold off and wait for another day to do your pressure washing. If the winds are mild, make sure that you work with the wind, not against it; you don't want the spray to come back onto yourself.

#6 Start With Less Pressure

It is always a good idea to start with less pressure instead of more pressure. Start with the lowest pressure possible, and work your way up until you find the necessary level of pressure that you need to do the particular job that you are trying to do. You can damage whatever you are working on if you use too high a pressure level, which is why it is best to start low and work your way up.

If you follow the safety tips above, you should be able to avoid injuring yourself and others when using your pressure washer and you should be able to only enjoy the benefits of owning a pressure washer. For assistance, hire a professional like Dixie Steamers.