When your dog is sick, there is typically a period that is spent being concerned about them making it through the illness. Once your pet starts to feel a little bit better, it is a good time to be concerned about keeping them healthy. Just as when a human gets sick, the home should also be cleaned and sanitized after a pet gets sick. One of the surfaces that needs to be cleaned the best is the carpet. If pet waste got on the carpet as a result your pet having an illness, it is necessary to get your floor surfaces and all other areas that the dogs are on clean. Here is how to clean and sanitize your floors and home when a pet is healing. 

Spot treat and get the carpets shampooed

If your pet had an issue such as a stomach virus or a major illness such as parvo, the illness could be lingering in the carpet. Spray the carpet with a disinfectant that is carpet safe, then be sure to spot clean the carpet with a rag that you throw away afterwards. After you spot treat the carpet, have the carpet cleaned through a deep shampooing. Ask the company, like 5 Star Carpet Cleaning, to use a disinfecting shampoo to ensure that any traces of bacteria that remain in your carpet are killed. 

Toss the dog beds and start over

If your dogs have beds or pillows that they sleep on, toss these away after your dog has been ill. Toss away any of the bedding that your dog typically uses. The bedding for dogs is typically plush and any mucus, feces, or vomit may have seeped into the fabric and could cause your animal to become sick again. Replacing the dog bedding can keep your dog and your family healthy in the long run. 

Get a brand new couch covers

Couch covers are an excellent way to protect your furniture and protect your family. If you allow your pet onto furniture, get rid of any couch covers and chair covers that you had during your pet's illness. If your couch was not covered at the time of your pet's illness, have the couch professionally cleaned then Scotchguard the couch. Add a brand new cover over couches and chairs that your animal is allowed n in order to keep the furniture healthy and make sure your pet does not pick up any residual bacteria.