A pressure washer is designed to power wash grimy surfaces that are difficult to clean by hand. A power washer's spray is up to 75 times more powerful than a garden hose, making it ideal as a cleaning tool for your business. You may use a power washer to wash exterior windows, garage floors, driveways, and even siding to homes as part of your cleaning business. If you want to get the most out of your power washing appliance, consider adding new parts to your collection so you can clean most effectively and quickly for your clients.

Spray nozzles

You can invest in a variety of spray nozzles for your power washer so you can control the stream of water flow for different projects. Spray nozzles come in a variety of sizes and shapes, so you can obtain the maximum pressure and water amount for each project. Spray nozzles are typically categorized by power: delicate, general, and max. Delicate nozzles emit water streams ideal for cleaning cars or outdoor furniture on a low-pressure, high stream water spray, while max nozzles are designed to offer a higher pressure of water for stubborn or high surfaces, such as home exteriors.


Brushes can also be added to your collection of pressure washer parts to help clean surfaces more effectively. These brushes are attached to nozzles, and can be either rotating or spinning to remove grime more easily. You can use power washer brushes on garage floors or driveways. You can even add a wide utility brush to your power washer so you can clean a larger surface in less time.

Soaps and detergents

Soap and detergent designed for power washer use help increase the cleaning appeal of your water's jet stream. You can buy pressure washer soap for individual tasks, such as specifically for car or or concrete washing, or opt for a commercial detergent that is designed to wash all kinds of surfaces without damaging gentle surfaces such as patio decks. Investing in a variety of soap kits for your pressure washer can help prepare you for any kind of cleaning job you undertake.

Your pressure washer does more than emit fast streams of water on surfaces to help you clean them, it can be fitted with parts that help give you a more customized clean. Whether you are taking on a car washing job or clearing a cement floor of stains, the right pressure washer parts will help you get the job done more effectively.

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