Unless your home is on the peak of the highest mountain, you are at risk for heavy rains and flooding.  No longer can you feel protect from heavy rains because you live further inland or in areas that typically do not get heavy rains.  Global warming has an impact on our climate, making hot weather hotter, cold weather colder, rainfall heavier, drought increasing severe, and hurricanes ever stronger.  When it comes to heavy rains, there are specific things you, as a homeowner, can do to prevent flooding in your home.

Pay Attention to How Rain Pools and Flows

During regular rain, pay attention to how the water flows around your home.  If it appears to settle around your home and near the foundation, you could be facing a problem.  One way to remedy this issue is to redirect the water away from the foundation of your home. Your land should slope away from your home so that water can flow away and not puddle around your home.  Although builders follow codes when building homes, in time, the ground settles which result in improper sloping.  Sometimes adding soil in an area or grading an area will resolve the problem.  If you opt to grade the area, be sure to seed the area and water regularly to encourage the growth of grass.

Sand Bags Can Help

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding you can use sand bags to barricade your home. Burlap bags are the bag of choice but, commercial plastic bags for sandbag use are also popular.  When you place the sandbags around your home, you should place them in a pyramid. The pyramid placement technique is often preferred as it helps build up height for additional protection.

Foundation Vents May Help

Foundation vents are another option for homeowners.  This involves installing vents in the foundation that would allow the water to run through the foundation vents and diverting the water away from the home.  Ideally, you should have vents installed on each wall for optimal protection.

If it rains, you are at risk for flooding.  Some areas are more prone to flooding than others, but as a homeowner, you should be prepared.  Flash flooding can occur in any area where it rains and as a homeowner, being prepared, and being preventative is less costly than extensive repairs and replacing precious items. If you should find yourself in a flood situation in which your home takes on water, there are companies (liek Servpro Of Washington County) that can help your repair the damage.