With the holidays quickly approaching, many people begin deep cleaning their homes to prepare for holiday gatherings and parties. One step in preparing the home is having the carpets cleaned. After spending your hard earned money getting your carpets cleaned, you don't want one party to dirty your carpet and require an additional carpet cleaning after the holidays have come to an end. Below, you will find some tips to help you protect your carpeting as your friends and family gather in your home for the holidays.

Protect the Carpeting

To make after-holiday cleaning easier and less costly, protect the carpeting during your gatherings. You have two good options to consider.

Lay Protective Plastic Cling Covers

Go to your local home improvement store and look for a big roll of plastic carpet protective film. This is the protective plastic that is put down on the carpeting in open houses when realtors are showing a home. It clings to the carpet and will not slide out of place and will protect your carpeting from foot traffic and spills.

Rent Rugs

Rugs can be rented through various companies. Party supply stores offer a variety of rental rugs for events being held in your home or in commercial settings. Some of the rentals available are beautiful additions to the home's décor while others are average plain rugs that are meant to do nothing more than protect the flooring underneath them. These rugs can be delivered directly to your home and picked up after the holidays.

Be Ready for Messes

You should prepare a caddy with all of the things that you need to spot clean any messes as they happen. This caddy should contain a spray bottle with 1 cup of white vinegar and 3 cups of water. This mixture is very effective in removing spots and stains of all kinds. You should also have a roll of paper towels to blot the spots and a few plastic grocery bags to use to dispose of the paper towels after the clean-up is complete. Lastly, the caddy should include a small scrub brush to use to scrub the hard to get spots out of your carpet using small circular motions.

If you take these preventative measures, your carpeting will be well protected during the holidays and will limit the damage that is done as you share the good times with those that are closest to you.