Leather car seats add to the value of a car and most luxury cars have seats made of leather.  Leather is a sensitive material that cracks if not properly cared for. The leather used for car seats are treated with a protective coating, which enhances durability. There are many leather cleaning products on the market, which have proven to be successful in cleaning leather seats. Depending on preference, consumers can purchase car leather cleaning kits or an all-in-one car leather cleaning product.

Pre-Check Seats

Before beginning the cleaning process, check the leather on the seats to see if there are any holes or perforations, as you will want to avoid getting the cleaning solution in those areas. If there is a car owner's manual available, read the recommendations for cleaning the leather on the seats. Since leather in cars are made from the same type of leather, general basic information can be found about cleaning leather car seats on the Internet. 

Remove Dirt Particles and Clean Surface

Dirt particles left on leather on the car seat can scratch the surface of the leather. Using a vacuum cleaner, gently vacuum the leather surface with a wet or dry vacuum and if needed, an air-compressor will help remove dirt particles in areas of the seat that are difficult for the vacuum to get out.  Although the surface of the leather may appear clean, you will still need to wipe the surface with a lint-free cloth. 

To clean the leather surface, you can use commercial cleaning products or you can make your own solution using saddle soap or a mild liquid detergent. After applying the cleaning solution, carefully brush the surface with a brush that has soft bristles. Using another lint-free clean cloth, wipe the surface dry, in order to prepare to condition the leather.

Leather Conditioning

Choose a conditioner for the leather seats that is not oily. Avoid conditioners that have a high content of wax, petroleum, or silicone. Using conditioners with heavy oil will make the seats greasy, as too much oily products will simply sit on the leather. Microfiber cloths are excellent for conditioning leather seats, because the cloths are very absorbent. Once the leather has been conditioned, protect the seats by placing the car out of the sun to allow the conditioner to be absorbed into the leather. 

The frequency of cleaning car leather seats depends on the usage of the seats and the amount of time the car is in the sun. The more you use the car and the more it is exposed to the sun, the more you should be cleaning the seats.

To learn more, contact a cleaning service provider