Are lime scale deposits making it difficult to get your home totally clean? Or are they making it difficult to get a good flow of water from the faucets or showerheads? If you answered yes to either of those questions, you'll want to use the simple solutions provided below. These tricks will remove lime scale easily and with very little scrubbing.

Washing Machine

Look inside the washing machine. Do you see white flaky deposits around the small holes in the drum? That's lime scale and it could be making it difficult for the washing machine to do its job. Not only will lime scale clog the holes and prevent water from flowing into your washing machine, it can also flake off during the wash cycle and get stuck on the clothing. Here's a simple way to get rid of the lime scale inside your washer.

Turn the washing machine on but don't add any clothing. Add 1 cup each of vinegar and lemon juice, and a capful of liquid laundry detergent. Run your machine as usual. Once it has gone through a complete cycle, wipe the inside of the washer out with a clean cloth. The washer is now ready to use again.


If there are lime deposits on the faucets, you probably know that ordinary cleaning doesn't remove the white flaky build-up. You don't have to use harsh chemicals to remove the lime. Simply soak a few cotton balls in vinegar and place them directly over the opening of the faucets.

Use a rubber band to secure them to the faucet and leave them on overnight. In the morning, remove the cotton balls and wipe the faucets with a clean cloth. For stubborn lime deposits, you may need to repeat the application a second time.

Shower Heads

If the shower head is clogged with lime deposits, you might think that you have to remove it to get it thoroughly clean. Luckily, there's a way to clean the shower head without removing it. All you have to do is fill a small plastic sandwich bag with equal parts lemon juice and vinegar.

Place the plastic bag over the shower head and secure it with a rubber band, ensuring that the entire spout is submerged. Leave the bag in place overnight. For maximum cleaning, place a slice of lemon directly over the shower head and secure it with a rubber band before placing the plastic bag over it. In the morning, simply remove the bag and wipe the shower head off with a clean cloth.

Lime scale doesn't have to defeat you. These simple tricks will help you get rid of the white, stubborn build-up. You can also enlist the help of professional cleaning services to keep your water fixtures in sparkling condition.