Cleaning cloth furniture is a very important part of home cleaning. Many people get stains and spills on their furniture. In some cases you don't have anything serious, just normal wear and tear on the furniture that causes it to look dirty and dingy. Luckily, there are many things that you can do to clean your upholstery. Here are some tips for cleaning cloth and fabric upholstery.

1. Use Dish Detergent and Water

One of the simplest ways to clean your cloth upholstery is to use dish soap. Dish soap has anti-grease components that can generally be used on cloth without damaging it. Of course before you clean and fabric you should always check the label. Make sure you see a W on the tag before you use dish soap or a water based detergent on the fabric. If it doesn't have a W it means that it can't have water on it. In addition, if you see there is an S then you will have to use dry cleaning methods rather than water.

Once you determine that water-based detergents are safe to use, whisk some dish soap and water together. Then take a rag and soak it into the fabric. If needed use a spatula or butter knife to scrape off any dirt or residue on the furniture. After which you can take a damp cloth, without the soap, and rinse out the soap. You shouldn't completely soak the area, but getting it mildly wet will be an effective way to clean the area. As the area dries it should start to look like it's old self again.

2. Steam Clean The Area

Another effective way to clean cloth upholstery is to steam it. Steaming is nice because you don't have to use any chemicals or detergent if you don't want. You can, and there are extra detergents that you can add to the water in the steamer that can help to clean the area, but in many cases the steam is enough to remove any dirt.

You can either use a household cleaner or you can rent a steamer from a local grocery store. These larger industrial-sized steamers will do the same thing as a household steamer, just more quickly.

If after trying these methods you are still unable to get the results you desire, you should hire a professional company like Deep Cleaning. They can bring in harsher chemicals and machines that can clean your furniture quickly and effectively.