If you are the cool parent in the neighborhood and your home has suddenly become the home base for your kid's friends, this can have its pros and cons. Having all of the kids over can be fun, but this might also feel like a disaster waiting to happen when it comes to keeping your carpets clean. Here are four tips to help avoid carpet damage when it comes to kids.

1. Designate Entryways

If kids are running in and out of the home, this can turn into a mess quickly, especially in the winter months. Set up some ground rules and make sure kids know that they should only use certain entrances. This can help slow down dirt and grime directly getting on your carpets directly from the outdoors.

2. Kids and Party Prep

If your child is throwing a birthday party or sleepover, your first worry might be about keeping your home safe from spills and other disasters. With a little planning, you can get creative with party planning to protect your carpets. Put down throw rugs in the main room where kids will be celebrating to catch messes. Plan to have messier activities such as cake and punch time in the kitchen or outdoors so that your carpets aren't at risk.

3. Designate a Spot Where Kids can be Kids

Whether this is a garage or a basement, let down your guard and let your kids have a space where dirt and spills won't matter as much. While kids will still be expected to clean up, a few stains or general wear-and-tear won't be the end of world. Laying down carpeting that is multi-colored or darker will hide stains and will look nicer longer. Invest in carpeting that has a low pile so that crumbs don't get embedded during snack time.

4. Open Communication About Spills

The best way to avoid carpet damage is to pull up spills right away. Make sure that kids aren't scared to come to you if spills happen. Different households have different rules, so makes sure that kids know they can come to you and you won't get mad if there has been an accident. Everyone can take a quick break from playtime and help you clean up.

It's great to get you know your kid's friends and have peace of mind that everyone is safe under your roof. If you are the cool house on the block, don't sacrifice your carpeting because of this. With a few rules and expectations, your carpeting will stand a fighting chance and kids can still have fun. A professional carpet cleaning every few months will also help your carpets stay in good shape longer.