If you own an office building, you may be considering hiring a commercial cleaning company In order to provide your employees with a neat and healthy work environment and impress clients that may visit. Here are some questions you can ask to ensure that you hire a competent cleaning service that offers great value and good work.  

What Specialized Services Do You Offer?

Most cleaning services will offer you sweeping, vacuuming and basic bathroom cleaning. However, depending on your office building, you may need some specialized services. For instance, if your building has more than one floor, you may want to have upper floor windows cleaned, which may require telescopic poles or scaffolding. You might also want to have the front of your building pressure-washed every now and then. Not all cleaning companies are equipped to handle those kinds of special issues, so be sure to ask before signing a contract.

Do You Have Individual Pricing for Different Services?

It is also important to determine whether a cleaning company's services can be priced individually. Their typical business package may include a number of services that you don't have any need for, so you might be able to save money if you only pay for services you know your particular building will need. If your budget is tight some months, you may also have the option to stop a few services and keep others until your budget is a bit bigger.

Do You Offer Discounts for Long-term Contracts?

You might be able to save some money by signing a long-term contract instead of paying every time cleaning staff comes to your building. If you already know that you will need certain services throughout the year on a regular basis, offering to pay upfront or signing a long-term contract could very well earn you a discount from a cleaning company.

Can Your Staff Work Weekend or Night Hours?

If at all possible, you want to make sure that your employees are not distracted by vacuums and cleaning staff as they go through their work days. Therefore, make every attempt to enlist the help of a cleaning service that offers night or weekend hours. That way, the cleaning staff can clean in peace and your employees can continue to focus on their tasks instead of being distracted.

Now that you know some questions to ask when you are thinking of hiring a commercial cleaning company, use the information here to make the right decisions. With the right cleaning service, your employees can work peacefully in a clean environment and you can proudly show your building to anyone. If you're looking for a local cleaning service, contact A Plus Cleaning Service Inc.