Having a rug in a room can be a great way to tie all of the elements of that room together, from the furniture to the wallpaper to the carpet that it sits on. You might search for months to find the perfect rug that contains shades from both the walls and the upholstery. You are going to want to make sure that the rug stays in place and looks amazing to make this time and effort worth it. In order to ensure that your rug brings the room together and doesn't look as though it has been shoved to the side constantly, you are going to need to make sure that it doesn't not slip around on the carpeting. Here are some tips.

1. Try Rug Pins

The first option that you should try are rug pins. Rug pins are essentially long pins that you use to spear through the rug and the carpeting underneath so that it is embedded into the plywood on which the carpet rests. Ordinarily when you buy a package of rug pins, you are going to be purchasing 4. Use one in each corner of your rug. Make sure that you have them located a few inches from the edges of the rug so that they do not accidentally cause tears. If you need to move your rug around, you will be able to do so easily since all you have to do is pull the rug pins up.

2. Use Acrylic Latex

If you are not crazy about the idea of the heads of the rug pins showing on top of your rug, you might want to consider using acrylic latex instead. If you put beads of this type of latex all over the back of your rug, you will allow more traction to be added and decrease the chances that the rug will slip around over time. Make sure that you apply the acrylic latex outdoors in order to ensure that you do not get it on your carpeting. Wait for the latex to dry before putting the rug back.

3. Purchase a Non-Slip Layer

Finally, you can purchase a non-slip layer to go between your carpet and the rug itself. This layer has a great deal of traction and is designed to make sure that anything on top of it stays in place. This can be a good option if you don't want to alter your rug permanently.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in rug restoration, such as Tashjian's Oriental Rug Service.