Children can often be messy and make it more difficult to keep your home smelling fresh, especially if their bedroom is carpeted. In order for the bedroom to stay smelling fresh and be as inviting as possible, look into what you can do after having the carpets cleaned. With just a few changes and additions, their bedroom can smell great and the carpeting will stay in great shape.

Make Sure No Moisture is Present

Mold can be a huge factor in how much a room smells, so it is important that it is avoided at all costs. To keep mold from growing in your child's bedroom, make sure to keep moisture at bay. Insulated windows that are completely weather-proof are a good place to start, along with making sure any moist items, such as dirty sports clothing or swimming gear, are kept off the carpet and allowed to dry thoroughly.

Keep Food and Drinks Out of the Room

Not only can spilled food and drinks attract bugs, but it can also get the carpet dirty and cause bad odors in the bedroom. Restrict your child from bringing any snacks and drinks in the room, besides water, to keep the carpeting in the best condition possible.

Take Care of Any Messes Right Away

If any spills do occur, you will need to tackle the mess right away. The longer something is allowed to sit into the carpet, the more serious the mess will be, causing the room to become dirty and the carpets to smell worse.

Encourage Your Child to Help with Cleaning

Chores may be the last thing your child wants to do, but with some encouragement, they may find vacuuming and cleaning the carpet easier. Instead of simply instructing them to vacuum, try offering rewards for when they do, and purchase a vacuum cleaner that is easy for them to maneuver in their bedroom.

Try Adding Easy DIY Air Fresheners

Instead of spraying chemicals into the air that could be irritating or harmful for your child, consider a few DIY air freshening ideas. Baking soda, essential oils, and even dried herbs can all be used to deodorize the carpet and keep the bedroom smelling fresh, regardless of what kind of messes they bring into their bedroom.

Keeping a bedroom smelling great can be tough if your child's bedroom has carpeting. Luckily, you can make some quick changes that will help the room smell much better and even reduce how often the carpeting will need to be deep cleaned. When your carpet is in need of a deep cleaning, hiring professionals, like those at Kleen As A Whistle, will ensure the task is done correctly.