You may have owned an oriental rug in the past and were completely in love with it. But over time, the rug developed holes for an unknown reason. Chances are that the holes came from moths feasting on your rug. When you purchase another one, here is how to protect it.

Moths Love Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are made using wool, which is a common food source targeted by moths. They are also dyed using dyes that are vegetable-based. This makes your rug an appealing food source for moths. The rug damage doesn't come from the adult moths themselves, but from the larvae they infest your rug with.

Vacuum Your Rug

Vacuum your rug frequently to discourage moths from laying eggs. Moths look for dark and dusty rugs that have not been vacuumed recently. Also, if eggs have already been laid, vacuuming your rug will remove them.

Clean Up Pet Urine

If a pet urinates on your rug, you must remove the urine quickly. Pet urine attracts moths and the urine is also likely to cause discoloration. However, when using a cleaning chemical, make sure that it is safe to use with your rug. If you aren't sure, test the cleaning chemical on a part of the rug that is less visible to see if the chemical damages the rug.

Use the Right Insecticide

Some natural insecticides, such as pyrethrum, can kill moth larvae. Be sure to choose an insecticide that is made with non-toxic ingredients to avoid harming yourself or your family. Also, if you use natural insecticides, you are less likely to damage your rug.

Store the Rug Properly

When you place your rug in storage, moths will see the dark environment and the appetizing rug as the perfect place to lay their eggs. If you seal the rug in a polyethylene fiber paper, not plastic, moths will be unable to penetrate the paper and already-existing moths will suffocate. Also, make sure that you clean the rug before placing it in storage so that it is less appetizing to moths. Consider applying an insecticide as well that leaves behind a residue that continues to kill moths.

The more you use your rug, the less likely it will be to be infested. Also, if you place a table over your rug, the places where the table legs meet the rug will be common places where moths will lay their eggs. Moths also often lay their eggs underneath the rug. Regularly hiring an Oriental rug cleaning service will keep your rug safe from moths.